Summer is officially upon us here in South Florida. With the summer comes heat that can be oppressive. Keep your home cool this summer by ensuring that your home’s air conditioning is operating properly and efficiently. In the long run, it is often times easier and cheaper to choose the route of routine maintenance and preventative care sooner, rather than being faced with a larger problem that can be an inconvenient and costly major repair later.

With the heat and humidity that South Florida summers are often known for, you will definitely want to make sure to do everything in your power to ensure that you don’t end up with a major problem with your air conditioning which can leave you in quite a hot mess. An air conditioning unit typically will be designed to be a very heavy-duty and tough piece of equipment. Although they are often built to be able to withstand a significant amount of abuse and still keep running, it is best not to grow too complacent and take for granted the fact that a unit does still require regular tune-ups or services in order to continue running properly and efficiently.

Here at Ross Brothers, we offer a number of various services for homeowners. One such service we offer is that of routine air conditioner maintenance. Not only can we install brand new units for those who need and require, we can also help ensure that the unit you do have presently keeps on working, and keeps on keeping you cool all throughout the summer. Were you aware that failing to have regular maintenance and service to your air conditioning unit can result in your unit losing an average of 5% of its efficiency each and every year? Maybe you bought a brand new unit 5 years ago. If you have neglected to service is properly and routinely, it has dropped from its original 100% efficiency that it had when it was brand new to no more than 75% efficiency. During the hot summer months, you don’t want to gamble with having only a 75% chance of your home being cool and comfortable. Contact Ross Brothers today at 866-804-9750, and find out more about the services we have available for your home’s air conditioning unit.

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