Air conditioners all have a single element in common. They are designed to cool a home. The function of an air conditioner is removing humidity and heat from a home’s interior. In Florida, especially, air conditioning is more than a creature comfort luxury; it is quite arguably a necessity. When deciding on and choosing an air conditioner for your home, it is important to know that there are essentially four different types of air conditioners. The four types of air conditioning units are: window; through-the-wall; portable; and central (or whole-home).

Through-the wall and portable air conditioning units are not as popular as window and central units. Through-the-wall units rest inside a weight-supporting air conditioner sleeve that is set into an exterior wall of the home. These units also tend to require greater voltage and amperage, which can affect your home’s energy costs. Portable units don’t really seem to be an ideal long-term solution; but they can be ideal for very temporary spaces (such as a storage unit without windows that a teenager may use for their garage band’s practices) that are windowless.

That leaves, really, only two realistic and permanent options for air conditioning units. Window units are very popular for smaller spaces, and are typically very easy to install. The great thing about window units is the ability to have each room cooled individually; as such you can possibly save on energy costs by only cooling the rooms that you are actually using. Central, or whole-home, units have the ability to cool an entire home at the same time. Typically, central units are a complete HVAC system, as they are combined with heating as well. Living in Florida, this is a feature that may only be necessary for a few days at most during the later fall and winter months, when we may be blessed with cold fronts. Central units are a good option, as they can help to reduce energy costs (especially if the unit is one that is in good repair, and is energy efficient) by allowing you to control the entire home’s temperature, eliminating the need to have the unit work harder to cool off a particular space when you do decide to occupy it.

No matter what type of air conditioning unit you are considering, it is a great idea to give a call to a local and trusted contractor to discuss what options are available to you, as well as what options would work best for you and your home. Ross Brothers has over 27 years of experience, including the installation of air conditioning units as well as the servicing and repair of existing units.

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