In order for an AC System or unit to function both efficiently and effectively, it is important to make sure that the AC system is well maintained. It is important to get regular maintenance for the system’s filters, its coils, and everything else throughout its years. When you neglect to maintain your system well, you may be looking at a steady decline of the performance of the system, as well as a decline in its overall lifespan. In fact, keeping your AC system well maintained can also save you money in the long run.

Hiring a Professional to Service Your System

Sometimes, a professional service technician, such as those at Ross Brothers, are a good option when it comes to ensuring your AC system is serviced properly. When it comes to AC Service, Ross Brothers ensures that our technicians will:

  • Ensure that the correct amount of refrigerant (the substance that is responsible for producing the cooling effect of an AC system) is present.
  • A technician will make sure to check for any possible refrigerant leaks with the use of a leak detector.
  • A technician is able to capture any refrigerant that must the system must have evacuated, so that the refrigerant isn’t released into the atmosphere.
  • A technician will check to ensure that the ducts of a system don’t have any leaks, and will seal any leaks that there might be in the ducts.
  • A technician is able to use an evaporator coil to measure the airflow of a system.
  • A technician can make sure that the electric control sequence is correct, and can ensure that both the cooling and heating systems will not operate simultaneously.
  • A technician will check the electrical terminals during an AC service, and will tighten and clean the connections, being sure to apply a non-conductive coating if it is necessary.
  • A technician is able to check the belts of a system for appropriate tightness and signs of wear, and oil the motors if and when necessary.
  • A technician will also be able to gauge the accuracy of your systems thermostat.

For any and all of your AC service needs, make sure to call Ross Brothers at 866-804-9750.

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